Maria Schumacher
Rushing Through The Day

11.4. – 1.6.


Thu 11.4., 6–9 pm

Artist Talk | Catalogue Launch
Fri 24.5., 5–8 pm

In her paintings, the artist deals with the creation of narrative-psychological spaces within which she explores the complexity of relationship structures and, more generally, the fundamental questions of human existence. States such as loneliness, fear, grief, love and sexuality and their universal nature preoccupy her just as much as the use of patterns, ornamental arrangements and the ritualistic charging of signs and symbols. The forms and figures depicted by Schumacher can have different effects depending on how they are viewed and are particularly multi-layered.

In her Staircase series, the bodies tumble head over heels down the stairs and it almost seems as if the shock, haste and hurry are transferred to the texture of the painting. Instead of a smooth motif, the paintings are made up of a multitude of pixels, similar to those found in digital images. The pixelation creates a field of tension between figuration and abstraction. This can be observed particularly impressively in the contour lines, which frame the physicality of the figures, but at the same time emerge as many individual areas of colour that no longer form a continuous line.