Christian August
Not Without My Doubts

13.7. – 26.8


Intense purple to red tones in the upper, and rich green tones in the middle and lower fields of the picture, give rise to new ecosystems between sky and earth, darkness and light, spring and winter, day and night. Interrupted by spontaneously placed gestures that resemble lightning or stardust, August's colour storms and thunderstorms immerse us in a landscape in flux and make us aware of the beauty of a world without us humans.

In a world that is out of balance, in which nature has become a plantation, formalised and scaled, in which we are in a state of maximum alienation, the desire for a return to natural and elemental forces, uncontrollable and intense, is all the more present. August's colour storms, like those in the sky, are beautiful and terrifying, his motifs dystopia and a place of longing at the same time.