valentin hennig
five membranes
animations and experimental films
7.2.–11.4. 2015

opening: 7.2. 2015  6 – 9 pm
introduction: Tom Whalen, writer

During the Berlinale, Thursday, 12.2.2015, 7pm:
Presentation of the film Die Flutung von Viktoria (The Flooding of the Victoria Plains) (2004) by Ulu Braun
Followed by a talk between the film maker and Valentin Hennig

Five Membranes is film artist Valentin Hennig’s first solo exhibition in Berlin and is being presented by galerie burster from the 7th February 2015. In addition to current animations and videos, the exhibition will also be showing installations and paintings.

A recurring motif in Valentin Hennig’s work is the human body; its genesis with struggles, unions, separations and mutations, the relationship with objects and the environment as well as the desire to become separate from one’s own body. The connection between film and animation creates its own organic picture language that combines fluid continuity with discontinuity. Occasionally the viewer’s body is integrated, for example by the use of heat-sensitive sensors, which control the start of a film. The artist draws inspiration from expressionistic films from the Twenties and the theoretical approach to surrealism.

Valentin Hennig was born in 1986 in Herrenberg and studied at the academy of art in Karlsruhe, Dresden and Stuttgart. His work has been exhibited all over Germany as well as internationally, for example in Italy, Israel, South Korea, Armenia and Zimbabwe.

The American author, poet and critic Tom Whalen has written five short stories specifically for the exhibition catalogue and will give an introduction during the launch on the 7th February.

On the 12th February 2015, galerie burster will be showing Die Flutung von Viktoria (The Flooding of the Victoria Plains) by film maker Ulu Braun, who will be once again represented at this year’s Berlinale with a short film. In Die Flutung von Viktoria (The Flooding of the Victoria Plains) an expressive journey to our origins is represented by miniature countrysides. After the presentation a talk will take place between artists Ulu Braun and Valentin Hennig.

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